Information for your stay



Password: Caterina21


Telephone number:

external line: 0

Reception: 9

Restaurant: 199

Beauty Farm: 34

To call other rooms, you have to add up 100 to the number of room desidered, for example:

to call the room 001 you have to type 101

to call the room 101 you have to type 201



Water 50 cl…….1,50 euro

Beer 33 cl…….4,00 euro

Tonic Water …….3,00 euro

Coca-Cola…….3,00 euro

Fruit Juice…….3,00 euro

Salt Snack…….2,50 euro

Sweet Snack …….2,00 euro


How to use TV

You have to use the tv controller and enter the power button. Then you have to enter the power button of SKY to turn on the decoder.


How to use Safe

Inside the wardrobe you will find an open safe.

To memorize your code, the procedure is the sequent:

  • Press R
  • Enter your 4 digit code (es. 1111)
  • You’ll heard a sound
  • Enter again the Code (es. 1111)

The safe is now set with your code. We recommend to lay open at the check out.

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